Steve CormierClass of 2006 How do you write an opinion piece when you feel strongly about nothing? Are you excpected to just keep your mouth shut until they day, that magical day, when you can honestly say you have a strong, educated opinion? Does that day come? I am not sure about this anymore. I suppose the strongest feelings I have these days concern my pants so I guess that is what I shall expand on. They are good pants. They are a strong green and they do their job. On cold days they keep my legs warm and on warm days the arriate my “marbles.” But what if I lost them? If I lost my pants I suppose I would feel lost in and off myself. If my pants are the one strongest thing going for me right now then don’t they constitute a good part of my being? I could not just go out to where ever it is that I bought them. It would not only be hard on me but also insensitive to my pants. So what I am saying is that if you are lost, if you have lost all matter of sense now that you are in college, atleast you have your pants. Hold on to them, cherrish the time you have with them and what it is they do for you. For tommorow, we are pantless.