I am an Idiot

Cynic,I would like to apologize for dragging my good buddy’s reputation through the mud in a public manner. I sent a letter to the Cynic pretending to be my friend and said that an honor society had rejected me due to my drinking. I never thought the letter would be published, especially without the Cynic contacting the person to confirm it as it obviously deals with a touchy subject. The joke was supposed to be that my friend would explain to your paper not to publish such a stupid letter. And that would be the end of it.However things obviously got out of my hands.Right now I have my foot so far in my mouth my toes are in my stomach. Hopefully this letter will be the first step in making things right. I am sorry for using the Cynic as the tool of a bad practical joke and I’m sorry for involving the honor society. Most of all I’m very sorry for causing a lot of grief and trouble to someone I regard as one of the best friends that an idiot like me could possibly have.Devin FoxallFormer class of 2003To the Cynic: Could you please take the “True Honor Society?” letter off the website. It seems only right. Also, I would appreciate if you put this letter online as soon as possible. Please include it in your print edition as well.