If you love President Bush you’ll probably hate this guy

Hamell on Trial, a one-man political punk rock comedian, will open for Melissa Ferrick at Higher Ground this Friday, Jan. 25. Hamell sings songs with a kindergarten twang about parenting and politics: “Dad, am I out of my mind / But the weapons of mass destruction they did not find?” The “band,” consisting solely of Ed Hamell, released its fifth record, “Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs,” on Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records. Hamell’s three-year-old son is featured on several of the records songs including “Inquiring Minds,” along with the patented Hamell strategy for answering those difficult questions kids ask: “I’m gonna lie.” His music also sheds light on Hamell’s political views, including a song called “Coulter’s Snatch,” in the punk rock tradition of dirty words and political slurs. Ed Hamell began his musical evolution at age seven, when he first got his hands on a guitar, pen and paper. His roaring 20s were spent in Syracuse, NY as the frontman and songwriter for assorted rock bands. From there Hamell on Trial was born, settling eventually in Austin, Texas. After releasing “Big as Life” and “The Chord Is Mightier than the Sword” with Mercury Records, Hamell moved to Brooklyn, NY and signed with Righteous Babe Records. He released “Tough Love” in 2003 and “Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs” in 2006.