First off, let me say that I am not a member of the ISO. To Nicole Ertman’s letter: Are you aware that staying in Burlington for years after graduation is an extremely common scenario with which there is nothing wrong. And ISO members do not make up the majority of UVM alumni residents. Nor does staying in Burlington mean one is without purpose or nostalgic. If they are doing what they believe in, they are not inconsequential. Whom would you label CONSEQUENTIAL? If a member of the ISO who works at a grocery store is inconsequential, are our janitors, etc. inconsequential? So bring your own trash to the dump. Those people are just as consequential -or more so- than a CEO; they do something you take for granted. I believe that when Mary Howland said good riddance to Prof. Kaufman, it was not in hopes of getting any random person off the streets in replacement. I would certainly hope that the University hires whomever is best for the job, be they white, black, gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, etc. I have every faith that this is what Mary was saying in that article that you so radically misconstrued. Jaska BradeenClass of 2007