Instrumental Explosions

If you’re looking for an album full of culminating guitar riffs, bass rattling and combusting drums, this is it.Unless you purchase the special edition release that comes with an additional disc with remixes by other various artists, you may feel left out. But with the latest album boasting only six tracks, of which “Welcome Ghosts” may be the most intoxicating, each song off “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone” has a build-up and climax sure to please.The songs are all lyricless, so the listener floats on pure instrumental ecstasy, whether it is a backbone of piano-driven melodies or fiercely distorted beats.”It’s Natural to Be Afraid” is the longest track, reaching almost 14 minutes long – but its crescendos and drum breaks make it seem as if it’s merely seven minutes in heaven.Similar to the musicality of “Do Make Say Think,” the diversity on this album will be sure to take you on a metaphorical roller coaster ride. Michael James, one quarter of this Texan post-rock/indie group, once claimed, “It’s shocking that we have any fans at all.”Note to James: of course your band will have plenty of fans when you compose a large portion of the score for such a mainstream movie such as “Friday Night Lights.”