IraqDefamation lawsuit rejectedChrisitan Iraqis are facing persecution by Sunni Muslims are are being focred from their homeland.”Armed Sunnis” invaded on Christian families home yelling “damned Christians” and beating their children and destroying Christian memorabilia. A Christian mother was shot and killed in front of her children and the father was kidnapped. The children fled to Damascus and found refuge at the German embassy. Churches and the embassy are working hard for Germany to be lenient in allowing asylum in the nation.———–ChinaSingle mothers face more challenges than in USSingle mothers in China are facing many obstacles for their most likely unplanned pregnancies.Mothers face discrimination on a daily basis and are not even permitted to allow their children to attend school without a father.One mother was going to get an abortion, which is legal and accepted, in China – a country with strict population control – however, she could not afford the medical fees, so had to have the child.Women are forced into marrying men that they would not typically marry for the sake of their children. One woman admitted that her husband was abusive. Because of the culture, laws and social norms in China, single mothers must overcome far more challenges than a typical single mother in the US.———–KenyaKenya awaits rebuildAfter the December elections in Kenya were disputed, many fled the area due to riots and upheaval, however, thousands of children were left behind in orphanages and nearly 300,000 people have been living in tents.While politicians are still working out positions and business, people are living in tents and the government has taken little action to resolve these issues.Millions of dollars have been donated to fund the rebuilding, but with the rain in full season, Kenyans are worried when the government will rebuild their homes.All information collected from The New York Times, Der Spiegel and the Burlington Free Press