IRA compensation bill falls flat

The Inter Residence Association’s (IRA) proposed compensation bill is no more.IRA President Bob Just said that the proposal has been taken off the table due to an internal conflict within IRA.The  bill called for a $1,500 per semester compensation for the seven IRA Executive Board members, replacing their current compensation of $475 per semester.”I don’t feel like it’s a smart move right now,” Just said. “This bill would only take us five steps back from where we want to be.”The compensation bill, voted on at Wednesday’s general meeting, has remained extremely controversial throughout the semester.SGA Senator James Candon has been one of the more vocal students on campus against the compensation proposal.”As a constituent of IRA, I had a right to question their actions and I did,” Candon said. “It is important for the students represented by organizations like the IRA and the SGA to hold them accountable.”Just still feels that the intentions of the compensation bill were good.”We’re not here to take student money or be self-serving in any way,” Just said. “Students that are working are working really hard.”Although the proposal has been tabled, there is a chance it will be brought up again, Just said.”If it is brought up in general body and it passes, I will veto it,” Just said.If this occurs, the proposal will reenter the general body. If it passes by a three-fourths vote, Just must sign it, Just said.”We thought [the proposal] would be a good idea, because students need money right now,” Just said. “But students don’t want this and that’s something we have to live with.”Misinformation and unawareness of IRA’s role in the University is part of the reason the compensation had such a sour reaction, Just said.”People don’t really know exactly what we do still,” Just said. “While they may not know much about us and we may do a ton of work here and they don’t see that, it’s their opinions and observations that guide our decisions.”