IRA confronted with double resignation

In one week, two executive board members resigned from the Inter-Residence Association (IRA), the student organization representing students living within the residence halls at UVM. Director of Public Relations Timmy Weaver and Vice President and Treasurer Veronica Butka resigned in the third week of October, IRA president Erik Graham said. Weaver said that he resigned for personal reasons that were mainly due to the large time commitment. “I very much enjoyed the time I spent with the IRA executive board and made some strong friendships,” Weaver said. Some of the responsibilities as Director of Public Relations include advertising for IRA events through printed flyers distributed to the residence halls and hung on bulletin boards, maintaining the IRA website and keeping archives for the organization, he said. “Unfortunately, the rate of attrition within the IRA executive board is often rather high,” he said. Last year, IRA dealt with the resignations of their president, Public Relations chairman, and Social Programming chairman, followed by the impeachment of their vice president, Graham said. “By the end of last year only three positions out of the seven on the IRA executive board were held by the people who were originally elected to them,” he said. Graham continued to say that it was uncommon to have two resignations in the same week, but that these incidents were unrelated and happened by chance to occur at the same time. An e-mail sent to all on-campus residents notified students of the vacancies and gave them the opportunity to run. Elections took place Oct. 27. “The individual elected vice president and treasurer was sophomore CJ Frisina, and the individual elected the chair of public relations committee was freshman Sam Kahn-Arcangeli,” Graham said. Both positions are paid and each semester every executive board member receives a stipend of $475, he said. All on-campus students pay a $15 fee each semester that goes directly to IRA and the stipends for the executive board positions, Graham said.