Iraq and establishing freedom in the middle east

The draft is being discussed as a means of beefing up forces in the middle east. In fact one televison show predicted if Bush is reelected that it would be a Feb. 2005 surprise for everyone. The president and vice president have both been quoted as saying the draft is not necessary at this time but one of the presidents last speeches indicated new motivations to establish freedom throughout the world and defend our interests. Obviously with more and more young men and women going to college and indications of expandion of the war everywhere there will be less chance of deferments to avoid the possibility of being selected. Techies and special skills are necessary in this new military almost without regard to age. How about a little informal poll at UVM that contrasts the validity of the war with the need to serve? If it is time for all young folks to serve it is certainly time to know what the are thinking.bill bruecknerwaterbury ctr244-7517