…it’s been one crazy semester for the SGA

These last few weeks of the school year have been busy for the Student Government Association. In SGA we finished the heated debate over Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). Three members of the administration came to Senate and spoke about what they knew over PLAs, while also three students came and spoke in favor of PLAs.

The overall result was that there was no precedent in the state of Vermont on Project Labor Agreements, and thus it would be hard to ensure that all of the benefits proposed by a PLA would actually take effect or even make any change to the workplace. Due to that, Senate upheld President Jones’ veto. Some Senators are now looking for a way to make UVM set up its own agreements and contracts, similar to those proposed by a PLA, and thus still be able to ensure workers rights and cost efficient construction projects.

Thank you to everyone who voiced their opinion on these issues Senate also passed a resolution for the establishment of an Office for Off-Campus Living. This office would be able to help students moving off-campus with finding apartments, resolving tenant-landlord disputes and also improve University-City relations. The SGA believes that this office would be a great improvement to the lives of students and would definitely make Burlington a better place to live.

Finally this past week Joseph Quirinale from University Dining Services spoke to Senate members. He came to answer any questions students had about the Food Service on campus, as well as informing Senate on the changes that have happened since he spoke to us last year. These included such things as Combo meals, cheaper food options, and also longer hours of operation. We here at Senate know that many of you have complaints with the on-campus dining situation and we are doing our best to address this issue.

If anyone has a problem that the Student Government Association should address, or an issue that needs to be brought up, please come to our meetings TUESDAY at 7PM in Billings. Or you can send them to SGA via the TICKS ME OFF link on the Senate website.