Knowing your hardware

Type of glassBeer MugWhy it’s usedA sturdy, thick walled glass with a handle to keep your hands from warming the drink. Unless of course you’re British and prefer your beer warm. While any type of beer can be poured inside, you’re more likely to be downing a Wolaver’s than a PBR.Who uses it Those with German or Irish blood in them will find themselves drinking out of a mug more often than a can. People who go for the glass don’t fool around when it comes to beer.What UVM students useSolo CupType of glassHighball, or CollinsWhy it’s usedA tall, straight glass used for mixed drinks with large portions of soda or juice. Whiskey and ginger ale, rum and coke, and vodka and orange juice are all classics. For the next step up, try a mojito.Who uses it This glass is for those who enjoy getting their swell on at the gym and showering in Jagerbombs.What UVM students useSolo CupType of glassRed WineWhy it’s usedStemware with a curved, balloon-like bowl. The small diameter of the lip allows the wine to be swirled around with more surface area to breatheWho uses it French film, and Dietetics majors alike share an affinity for red wine. What’s not to like about an alcoholic beverage that holds flavor, history, and health benefits?What UVM students useSolo CupType of glassChampagne FluteWhy it’s usedCharacterized by its thin glass and tall, narrow shape, the champagne flute is designed to retain the carbonation as much as possible. Drinks can easily be made with some fruit liqueurs, and it’s hard to go wrong with a mimosa.Who uses it As is the case with the beer mug, there is a difference between those who sip from a champagne flute, and chug from an André bottle. The former are usually weekend warriors who can find a reason to celebrate anything.What UVM students useSolo CupType of glassMartini, or CocktailWhy it’s usedThe pyramidal shape of this glass is designed for cradling olives in the traditional gin and vermouth mix. If you’re unsure of what glass to use for any hard liquor, chances are no one will call you out if you combine everything into a cocktail.Who uses it These glasses make appearances at piano parties and black and white parties, where the girls are wearing dresses to match the name and price of their drink.What UVM students useSolo CupType of glassRocks, or LowballWhy it’s usedThis stout cup is meant to be holding mostly ice for extremely chilled drinks. Black and white russians, and mai tais work well here. The same goes for any sort of shot mixed with juices or soda.Who uses it While the stereotypical rocks glass user is probably wearing a smoking jacket and contemplating their single malt whisky, the wide variety of drinks that can be served is making the glass popular with the less uppity.What UVM students useSolo Cup