Kofi Mensah wins SGA presidential election

SGA presidential candidate Kofi Mensah is now President-elect Kofi Mensah.Mensah won the election for SGA president with 713 votes to Claire Chevrier’s 667. according to the SGA website.The total amount of votes came to 1,397 — the highest voter turnout in SGA history, Mensah said.”Thank you to the student body,” he said. “Your support not just for me but for the overall SGA elections has been outstanding.Mensah said he wants concerned students to feel comfortable asking him questions, but he hopes that everyone can move forward and understand that mistakes have been made on both sides.President Bryce Jones said he believes that the main problems with this election process were a lack of leadership and the absence of a judicial branch.”We don’t have a judicial branch. We don’t have that check so we try to create a check within ourselves,” Jones said. “My hope for the next SGA is that they would strive to perfect those leadership skills.”In the spirit of moving forward, Mensah said he will be hosting a reception and a party for students and senators in April that he hopes will create a better connection between the SGA and the student body.Jones agreed that it is important  for the SGA to move forward.”We need to move on from what happened and look into the new leadership and see what they are going to provide,” he said.Jones and Vice President Kate Ash will turn over all powers, duties and responsibilities to the  Mensah and the Vice President-elect David Maciewicz at the final meeting of the current SGA Senate session on April 13, according to the SGA website.