Lambda’s legal woes continue

Residents of the Lambda Iota house on 440 Pearl St. were notified of the motions to seize the property last week, according to the Vermont District Court Web site. The notification came just after Detective Frisbie of the Burlington Police Department issued an affidavit to seize property because members of Lambda Iota Fraternity were trafficking and distributing large amounts of cocaine. A judge issued a writ on October 26 stating that the U.S. Marshall needed to post signs regarding the potential seizure. Also, the writ stated that the owners cannot try to sell or mortgage the property, according to the writ issued by U.S. Magistrate Judge Niedermeier. In addition, the writ stated that if any part of the property becomes vacant for more than two weeks the “government can take whatever steps it considers necessary (including apply to this court for per?mission to seize Real Property [440 Pearl St]) to safeguard Real Property.” The Lambda Iota house is currently being rented to tenants under a property man?ager. Those tenants may or may not be affiliated with the University, Dani Comey, the assistant director of Student Life said. Denise Vignoe was listed by the U.S. Marshall as the property manager of the Lambda Iota house, but was said she was not longer the property manager. She declined to comment any further on any issue. Several Lambda Iota Board of Governors members declined to comment as well.