langin’ rocks Ain’t No Better than Killing Yourself with Junk

If you are going to write an article about someone you might want to learn a little about them first. Yes, Jerry Garcia was a junkie in his later years. He also was extremely inventive and could do justice to bluegrass, jazz, rock, soul and folk. I can’t say I really care if you like him or his music or not, but to say he always sounded the same is…ignorant. Also, comparing him to a “straight hustla” for an article is pretty stupid. What, did some burnt out dorm conversation strike you as worthy of publishing? Whatever, do what you want you want-just thought I’d point out Biggie used to sell crack so he’s no better than a junkie. So here’s an idea for your next article. Snoop is better than Miles Davis. Or how bout DMX could kick Mozart’s ass? That would be the shiznit. Holla!