Legal abortions keep women safe

I was tremendously disappointed at the Cynic for its inclusion of a garish advertising circular which opposes the legal right of all women to safe and legal abortions. The publication denigrated women’s intellectual ability and implied that women choose to obtain abortions for the sake of self-involvement and convenience. Thoughtful and responsible women know that bringing a child into the world confers a tremendous obligation on the parents and most particularly on the mother. It takes a great deal of courage and honesty for a woman to look that responsibility in the face and acknowledge that she does not have the physical, emotional or financial resources to be a mother. Before the U. S. Supreme Court affirmed the legal right to abortion, thousands of women suffered, died or were rendered infertile by abortions performed outside the sphere of legitimate medical practice. Suggesting that we return to those repressive policies does a horrible disservice to young women just beginning their reproductive years. The same young women who are your readers, staff members and friends.