Let Your Accessories Do the Talking

There’s something about the month of April, something in the air, but I can’t figure out exactly what. Oh yes, how could I forget? Most of us are broke. After a long semester of debauchery, long study sessions, shopping sprees, Wicca initiations, you name it, our wallets seem to be screaming “ENOUGH!” The timing, of course, could not be worse, since it’s exactly in April when a combination of warm weather, pheromones, and the imminent arrival of summer vacation make us want to replace every single item in our closet. And really, who can blame us? A girl loves playing dress up, and what better time than spring to free our inner safari vixens, sexy hippies, cute temptresses, or tan nymphs? With all the choices, it’s hard not to swipe the plastic just one more time. Because none of us are movie stars who get clothes for free, spending more than we can afford on a new spring identity would be less than desirable. Going over your limit will attract more creditors than spring suitors, and these pesky collectors are like herpes, they NEVER go away! Buying every outfit you like is just not going to cut it, so you will have to approach the issue from a new angle: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. While buying a whole Edie Sedgwick outfit is not cost effective, buying a few key accessories might satisfy all your mod cravings at once. A machinist hat, paired with a few black and white bracelets, will be all you need. Add skinny jeans, flat shoes and a T-shirt of any shade between black and white, and voila! You are a Warhol muse. For those of you who find the African savannah more appealing than a psychedelic New York den, I have nothing but good news for you. Chances are, you already have enough neutral clothing to create this look, and all you need are a few ethnic-inspired pieces. Paired with a neutral T-shirt (white, cream, moss or brown), Bermudas, shorts or skirts in similar tones will leave you a step away from being the sexiest fashionista this side of the plain. What you need is a long necklace, especially one with fangs. Fangs are all the rage this spring, and even though they were seen at the end of August last year, UVMers seemed closed to the idea back then. Most styles out there are synthetic, so you don’t have to compromise your integrity for style! As far as shoes are concerned, esparadilles (another deja vu from last summer) will do just fine, especially if you want to show off your legs. If platforms are not your thing, do not despair; stores are bursting with all kinds of flat shoes in earthy tones. An accessory that promises to be a success this season is the pashmina. Yes, my friend, the pashmina has returned with a vengeance. The look, which began with sleek gals like Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba, is catching on like wildfire. So next time you go home, take yours out of retirement, give it a good wash, and tie it around your neck. French knots add instant sophistication to almost any look. Accessories can update your look in no time. They will not only leave you happy, but they will leave your wallet happy as well. As a last word of advice, I don’t recommend going overboard. The chunky, abundant jewelry look is on the back burner and will be for a while. As Coco Chanel wisely advised, take off one accessory before leaving the house.