Let’s Talk About Sex

To the Editor: The issue of gender diversity is of extreme importance to this University. A committee of professors and students have begun creating a queer minor, which is anticipated to be approved by the University within a year. Essentially, students will be allowed to minor in the study of non-normative sexuality through the offering of several disciplines such as English, Geography and Psychology. Approval of this minor sends a clear message that the University of Vermont takes interest in fostering a truly liberal arts education, where differing values and ideas are accepted and studied. As the world continues to struggle with the acceptance of queer sexuality, academia is an essential place for the study and understanding of diversity. Furthermore, the advent of the minor will hopefully yield a better climate of tolerance and acceptance for a community often ostracized by society. Lastly, because the University is facing severe budgetary constraints, any allocation of funding has been essentially obsolete. Therefore, most courses being offered are pre-existing, tailored to issues of queer sexuality. The addition of any known pre-existing courses, or interest in creating a course within the College of Arts and Sciences, should be brought to the attention of Dot Brauer ([email protected]) or Adam Dubin ([email protected]). Adam DubinClass of 2004