Letters To The Editor:

“Let it Snow” Misses the PointTo the Editor: In response to the Feb. 26 article: “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…Here,” I’m sure most of my fellow in-state students, and most out-of-state students, have heard the old adage: “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait five minutes.” Growing up in Vermont, the only thing you can rely on in regards to the weather is that it is totally unreliable. I’m not particularly surprised by the unusual weather this winter, and not because I’m a believer in Global Warming. I’m aware of the holes in the ozone layer, and don’t doubt that it could cause problems, but cooking up the earth “till she’s warm and toasty?” My turn to say NEIN. The glaciers are still receding from the natural Ice Age. Of course the earth is going to get warmer. I was more disturbed by the attitude in the article. It is a sad world indeed when skiing and partying play such a large factor in the decision of incoming students. I thought this was a college. Unfortunately, I seem to be incorrect in the assumption that people attend college because they want to study. Perhaps we should spend more time actually attending classes and learning about metaphors that make sense (I fail to see the effective connection between prepubescent boys and Vermont) rather than hitting the slopes. After all, that’s what we’re here for . . . right? Carrie ColeContinuing EducationProgressives Do Control CouncilTo the Editor: In the interest of clarification, I am responding in regards to Julie Britt’s letter in last week’s Cynic attacking my earlier statements. True, fuzzy math is spreading, but a closer examination of Burlington City Council is necessary. Sharon Bushor has run as an Independent, which makes the balance within City Council to be six Progressives on paper. In reality, Ms. Bushor’s campaigns have been supported, endorsed and in part organized by the Progressive Party. She endorses Progressive candidates like Erika Nestor and even caucuses with them. If it walks like a Progressive, talks like a Progressive, then it is a Progressive, with or without the official party affiliation. Perhaps I am mistaken in not calling it a Progressive Coalition, but in either case, the functionality remains the same. This gives the Progressives seven out of the fourteen votes on City Council, with the tie-breaking vote in the hands of Progressive Mayor Peter Clavelle. That is eight to seven, assuming the other parties are united in opposition. The power is of 51 percent, or in this case, 53 percent. Matt Montross Class of 2002Kantor’s Suggestion Off the MarkTo the Editor: I am writing in regards to statements made recently by Jon Kantor. So, if I, being a Socialist, just donate my out-of-state tuition to the needy, our global system of organized exploitation will be improved? The problem is not that people have money; the problem is simply that the majority of people in this world don’t have enough money. According to the U.S. space command, the disparity between the “haves and the have-nots” in the world will only increase this century; thus, it is their duty to neutralize any opposition that will inevitably arise from such a disparity. Reform Enron? Half of our Senate had its hands in the pockets of Enron, receiving exorbitant amounts of soft money as campaign contributions. These are the people the American public elects into office to make the reforms! Reform Argentina? After years of recession due to austerity measures imposed by the IMF (increasing privatization and slashes in government spending), the economy of Argentina finally cracked, leading to mass protests of the Argentine working class. Reform Bush’s creation of the Axis of Evil?! This is too silly for me to even comment. One last thing-calling a Socialist a “f**ing commie” is not like calling a spade a spade; it is like calling someone who is Japanese, a Jap.Nate MooreClass of 2002If It Walks Like a Bigot…To the Editor: How can one, in the same breath, justify the use of the word ‘commie’ and then claim that he is not a McCarythyite? ‘Commie’ is a derogatory word for Socialists. Period. And it is ridiculous to think that you can divorce such an insult from its political repercussions. There is no easier way to politically silence minority voices than by encouraging those who would vociferously degrade and debase that minority. Kantor’s article states, “If you walk around spouting the dead ideologies of Marx and Trotsky with a shirt with Che Guevera on it… and someone calls you a commie, well, stand up and take it … that person is simply making an observation (!).” Kantor might as well have written, “If you are a man who walks around holding another man’s hand while demanding gay rights, and someone calls you the f-word, then stand up and take it, because that person is simply making an observation.” Or, “If you wear a shirt with a picture of Malcolm X, and publically talk about black pride, and someone calls you the n-word, you deserve it.” This is obviously trash. Kantor wants to whip up hatred on this campus and ‘usher in a new era’ (to borrow Sugarman’s phrase), where people are judged not on the content of their arguments but on empty slander and scapegoating. Keith RosenthalClass of 2003UVM Students Organize Anti-War ConferenceTo the Editor: On Friday, Feb. 22, a group of UVM students traveled for the weekend to New York City for the National Students Anti-War Network Conference. Over 200 people from campuses across the country attended the conference, which included discussions, videos, panels and workshops. The students agreed upon four points of unity. These points were: 1. We oppose the war. 2. We call for an end to racism, especially racial profiling and ethnic scapegoating. 3. We call for the protection of civil liberties and the repeal of legislation which threatens them. 4. We call for the funding of education and jobs, not of war. In addition to coming together with other students who support the anti-war movement and learning about this movement, those who attended voted to organize a National Student Anti-War Network. A day caucus will be held on Saturday, March 9, from 1-4 p.m. in the Billings Student Center to discuss the formation of the UVM coalition of this network, as well as to elect delegates to attend the Northeast regional elections of the network. The organizers of the caucus hope to bring together as many organizations and individuals who support the points of unity as possible. The caucus is open to anyone who supports or wants to learn about the anti-war movement.Natalie PowersClass of 2005UVM Big Buddies Thank Hit PawsTo the Editor: Last week, the Big Buddies program of the University of Vermont hosted a volunteer celebration to honor UVM students who serve as mentors to area kids. At the event, the Hit Paws, the new a cappella group on campus, came and performed some of their songs for everyone’s enjoyment. We wanted to thank the Hit Paws for donating this incredible performance for our Big and Little Buddies. It is really gratifying to have another student group contribute to our student organization; this kind of collaboration is exactly what UVM needs, and it’s nice to see students working together. It is with much appreciation that we publically thank the Hit Paws.Emily BerlietKelly ConoverSimon HallMegan McAuliffeBrierley WrightCoordinators, UVM Big Buddies