Low temperatures freeze tunnel pipes

The underground tunnel that connects the Davis Center to the Athletic Campus beneath Main Street was closed Friday due to frozen pipes.Students sporting heavy winter coats and flushed red faces were confused and angered by the unexpected closing. “It’s an outrage,” sophomore Keegan Brown said. “I think my money should be going to heat, or anti-freeze or something.” Trisha Irving, also a sophomore, works at the Feel Good grilled cheese stand directly outside the entrance to the tunnel, where the doors were shut and a sign was posted explaining the closing. She said the tunnel had been closed since she arrived for work at 7:30 that morning. “The whole reason [the tunnel] was built was so people could stay relatively warm on their way to class and on the coldest day of the year, it’s closed,” Irving said.Kerry Fantelli, a physician’s assistant at the Student Health Clinic, had plenty of warnings for students braving the below-freezing temperatures.Fantelli advised wearing mittens over gloves and stressed the importance of covering the head, fingers and toes.”I’ve seen some students walking around without socks, which is crazy,” Fantelli said. “Sock wearing is a must.” Additionally, Fantelli also warned about the risks that come with drinking alcohol before being exposed to cold temperatures. “Students will go out sometimes and have a few drinks and not really feel the cold,” Fantelli said. Fantelli said to look for discoloration in the skin as a warning sign that that part of the body has been exposed to the cold for too long.