LSU RA Jailed for Sexual Battery

Louisiana State University is beginning an investigation into an alleged sexual battery committed by an East Campus Apartment resident adviser against a female resident.

LSUPD arrested Andre Babu and booked him at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Jan. 10 after the victim filed a complaint. Police said a female student living in ECA was locked out of her apartment and asked Babu, her RA, to help her re-enter the apartment. Babu allegedly told her he could not unlock the apartment, but he offered her some of his clothes to sleep in and an extra bed in his room.

According to the police report, Babu allegedly approached the student in her bed and rubbed his genitals, through his clothing, against her thigh and requested sex. The victim pushed him out of the bed, but Babu persisted. The victim then kicked Babu in the chest and entered the bathroom, where she changed back into her clothes and then exited the apartment.

According to the booking station at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, Babu posted a $15,000 bond the next day.

LSUPD, University Relations, Mimi LaValle at Residential Life and Kevin Price, dean of students, would not comment any further on the investigation.

If Babu is found in violation of the University Sexual Assault Policy, he cannot be sent to jail through the University judicial process. According to the LSU Code of Student Conduct, if a student has violated the University Sexual Assault Policy of the code, he or she can potentially be suspended or expelled, among other sanctions.

Students charged with misconduct can be brought before a hearing panel made up of 32 students who are annually appointed by the chancellor.Disciplinary sanctions can be either a warning probation, where a student has been “notified that he or she has engaged in unacceptable behavior and that further violations of the regulations may result in more severe disciplinary action,” or disciplinary probation, when the individual may be required to report to the dean of students.

Disciplinary probation may also require the student to meet with the dean regularly. Loss of privileges and counseling are other consequences. Failure to comply may result in suspension from the University.

According to an RA whose name was withheld for safety reasons, Babu has officially been fired from his duties as an RA. The RA said Babu is “trespassed,” which restricts him from entering any residential halls. Babu is allowed to go to class, then he must leave campus. University spokesman Gene Sands said Babu is subject to suspension, but not expulsion.