Magical Realism

Friends-the sweet melt of spring is upon us. I have climbed to the top of Williams and discovered the light. The light of a new day, a new hope and, more importantly, The ROOTS and BLACKALICIOUS. A vision of our hopes for the future came to me, and it was SPRINGFEST. “Go to Springfest where all your dreams will be answered,” the voice said. I am still confused, but I know that we can make a difference. Thanks to this force which came to me, we know that our collective vision shall be realized. All of our dreams will manifest. With our cooperation, WE WILL BRING BACK AN HOUR OF THE SIMPSONS! JOHN BELUSHI WILL BE RAISED FROM THE AFTERLIFE, MICHAEL JACKSON WILL BE RETURNED TO HIS NATURAL STATE, THERE WILL BE A REAL ELECTION OF THE PRESIDENT! This is pretty powerful stuff. The Simpsons? I haven’t enjoyed a good hour in a while. But I come to you all with a proposition, an invitation to join in the miracle. But much like the Ghost Dance, these promises come with a stipulation. We all must attend this extravaganza. The Roots, Blackalicious, Raq, A-Dog and Infinite plus a carnival in the new Vermont sun. Though Springfest may denote negative connotations from last year, with our powers, life will return to our humble community. “Music is magic.” With all the uncertainties of life, all we have is love. That may sound too idealistic, but life right now is unstable. We’re all a part of this bigger entity, the world. Too long have we ignored the fact that we influence everything. We all need sine connection among ourselves. We constantly search for identity, scrambling to understand a world of non-absolutes. All there is is this frantic energy surging and lifting us up, but we can’t see it. Still, if you don’t trust it, just trust yourself. But don’t deny others. We all have a weird connection, yet it is avoided as people walk past one another, failing to make eye-contact. Let’s take a chance now that the sun is threatening to shine and stop snubbing our brothers and sisters. Take a second to look around and greet people. One great way is to go to Springfest. Enjoy hopping and smiling with others. Maybe all our wishes will be realized, maybe not-but don’t let it be you who holds the sole responsibility for not allowing every student the right to talk to John Belushi or to see MJ moonwalk with soul again. I ask you now to take a breath and close your eyes. Imagine, if we succeed, the Goddess might entrust us with greater responsibility. These are all dreams and I can’t control what the UVM population does, but I can let you know what I’ve been privileged enough to witness. Please consider the $15 in your pocket an investment in the future. Enjoy what you do.