“Main Street” vs. Wall Street

Thursday at 5 p.m. a group of about 50 people gathered at the foot of Church Street to protest the recent $700 billion bail out proposal.They stood with signs and posters of all kids, shouting lines such as, “More tax dollar for Wall Street, what about Main Street?”The protest was in response to Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr.’s request for $700 billion from congress to help troubled economic giants.The protestors see the bailout as merely more American tax dollars supporting an increasingly unstable stock market. One protest leader said that the big companies, the Wall Street leaders, should be the ones paying for this bailout, instead of asking hard working American taxpayers to simply hand over their money.They would rather see their money to go to their own local communities.The protest was one of 258 others happening across the country on Thursday, according to protest leaders.