Man arrested on Athletic Campus

“I can’t believe UVM would do this to me!” said Todd Miller, the man being charged with lewd and lascivious conduct after an incident at the University in late September. According to Miller he was issued a trespassing notice from UVM after an event the University called lewd and lascivious behavior. The only information available on the incident is posted on the UVM police services Web page, which says, “[Todd Miller] has been trespassed from campus after being arrested for lewd and lascivious conduct. If seen on campus contact Police Services immediately.” An e-mail sent out to the UVM community on Oct. 1 by police Chief Gary Margolis stated that the event happened earlier that week at the athletic complex. Despite efforts to contact him, Margolis would not comment on the incident. Miller was described by police as a 46-year-old white male with a height of 6’3″ and a weight of 300 pounds. “Part of the reason I can’t say anything,” Miller said, “is that we are appealing the trespass notice from UVM.” Outlining his charges, Miller said, “The state of Vermont is saying that it was lewd and lascivious, but I don’t believe I am guilty of that.”All I can say is that I pleaded not guilty to it and I am going to court to fight it. I love UVM and I think this whole thing is ridiculous”Miller has strong ties to the University and is greatly upset by the charges. “I have always held UVM near and dear to my heart, this is just so traumatic to me. I am actually an affiliate and employee of UVM and I have been terminated from Fletcher Allen. “I grew up on UVM, I have worked here for 18 years, my sister went here, part of my degree is from here even though I went to Middlebury. My family is not OK with this; I am not OK with this.”