Man struck by car while crossing University Heights and Main Street

Freshman Charles Reynolds was hit by a car on the corner of University Heights and Main Street around 7:56 p.m. on April 1.Freshman Rachel Grue, who witnessed the event from her Living/Learning Center suite balcony, said she heard the windshield shatter, saw a person laying on the ground and called the police.”The boy was in the middle of the crosswalk while the light was green but then when it turned yellow, and I guess he wasn’t paying attention so he started to cross,” freshman Bridget Meehan said.The car was coming up the hill on Main Street when it hit him with the bumper. He smashed onto the windshield and landed about 30 feet away from the crosswalk, Meehan said.”He was just laying on the ground gasping for air and wasn’t able to answer any of the questions from the cops, even when they were asking what his name was,” Grue said.An EMT who was on the scene ran over to help and accompanied Reynolds in the ambulance, freshman Francesca Boulton said.Reynolds is being treated at Fletcher Allen.Walter Promnitz, who was driving the blue Volkswagen Golf involved in the accident, got out of his car immediately afterwards, Boulton said.”I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it,” Promnitz said. “I can’t believe this happened.”The police officers on the scene said that the problem was a disregard for pedestrian traffic laws.”The only reason this happened is because of the traffic signals,” a Burlington police officer said. “You should only be crossing when the signal says to, or else it is not safe.”UPDATE: “The condition for Charles Reynolds is serious,” a representative from Fletcher Allen’s Marketing and Communications Department said.