Marget Brue New Trustee

The Associated Directors for the Appointment of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Student Trustees, Inc. has chosen Marget Brue as its new UVM Trustee. Marget is a native of Burlington, Vermont. She grew up in Burlington attending South Burlington High School. Currently a Sophomore, Marget is an economics major. When Marget arrived at the University of Vermont as a freshman last year, she immediately got involved. Serving 2 years on the Student Government Association, one year as Chair of Academic Affairs, Marget has proven her love and dedicationto the university. Besides her Senatorial role within the student body, Marget has been involved in th Lawrence Debate Union, the Economics Club, and other various clubs and activities. “I feel deeply priveleged to have this oppurtunity to serve UVM, in the last two years I have absolutely delighted with my experiences at UVM and I hope to ensure that UVM not only sustains but builds upon its commitment to excellence,” Marget Brue, newly appointed Trustee.