McAuley Hall considered for more dorms

At next week’s board meeting, trustees will be deciding whether or not to convert McAuley Hall on Trinity Campus into a residence hall.With the addition of 300 students to 2009’s incoming class, McAuley Hall is one possible way to diminish the effects of the increased class size.Purchased with Trinity campus in 2002, McAuley Hall has since been used as an office building, containing the Department of Risk Management and Environmental Safety, Custodial Services, and other temporary offices.As of the last board meeting, a renovation was considered to make McAuley a home for the College of Education and Social Services, although this proposal may be dropped.”This would be brought forward as an immediate need, because of the immediate need of the housing,” Robert Vaughan, the director of Capital Planning and Management, said.Vaughan estimates that McAuley Hall could potentially hold up to 200 students, although 160 is more likely.Built more than 50 years ago, the building does not meet modern Burlington safety codes, so a large part of the cost would be updating the entire building to meet these standards, Vaugnhan said.”We will be identifying it to the board here next Friday in the $3-4 million category, but we need to be looking at having an estimate based on the scope of work,” he said.