Men don’t need Mr. Smiths re-education

Keith Smith preached in his article last week in the Opinion section that we must “Acknowledge…how sexism, male dominance and male privilege lay the foundations for all forms of violence against women.” This assertion is so completely absurd and blatantly untrue that it boggles the mind. Smith inexplicably accuses the majority of men as “supporting it.” Smith states that, “when we choose not to speak out against men’s violence, we are supporting it.” Smith’s accusation is shocking and offensive. I, like most men, are opposed to violence against women. The idea that if I don’t go out everyday and announce my objection to violence then I am a supporter of it is dangerous and false. Just imagine the outcry if I were to say that any person of Islamic faith who does not speak out after every terror attack is, him or herself a terrorist! In a free society like ours, just because we are part of one ethnic, religious, racial or gender group we are not doomed to condemnation for the actions of another member of our group. I noticed that there was no rally (at UVM) to protect women after news broke around the nation that a woman’s baby was cut out of her living womb by another woman. Are all UVM women supporters of womb destroying killers? No. But if one uses Mr. Smith’s logic they could safely be accused of just such support. I don’t think “re-education” by Mr. Smith (a known male!!) and his platitude loving ilk is an intelligent choice for people who want to have good relations between the sexes. And I sincerely hope he stays far away from our collective “man boxes,” whatever on God’s green earth that means.