Men’s ultimate frisbee back on track

The men’s ultimate Frisbee club has officially completed the tasks assigned to them by SGA following the team’s sanction, said junior Adam Kaufman, chair of the Student Activities Committee.

The sanction was a result of emails classified as “bullying and harassment,” that were sent to club members, according to an article in the Cynic March 11.

The team was faced with a two-week suspension that started March 10 and ended March 24, and 150 community service hours to be completed as a team, according to the sanction.

They were also required to host two guest speakers, one on the subject of hazing and the other on harassment, the article stated.

The team has listened to both guest speakers, and has completed all of the community service hours, Kaufman said.

The team turned in sign in sheets from the guest speakers and an hours log from the community service. In addition, the listserv seems to be “under control,” he said.