Music Column

Hey, not really sure where I should have sent this letter, but I’m studying abroad for the semester, so if this is the wrong way to do this blame it on that.But to the point, I’m a CD reviewer for the Portland Press Herald back home in Portland, ME, and I was wondering if you all at the Cynic would be into my sending you a big Best of 2003 wrap-up for the beginning of the Spring semester. I don’t really have the column space to be able to do as much of one as I’d like for the Press Herald, and I thought it’d be cool to write something for my fellow UVMers for once. Not to mention all the celebrity that comes with it…I can give you samples and stuff to prove that I’m legit, but I’d like to write up a top 10 album list with a couple sentences about each one, and maybe a top 5 or 10 singles of the year thing, along with a few other various comments probably. Let me know what you think, I think it’d at least get people chatting. I could pretty easily do something similar about the best movies of the year, too, if you’re interested. Have a good one.- Chris Gray