Neighborhood Action Project and Burlington Police Team Up to Crack Down

In an effort to better understand the noise issue/problems facing Burlington myself and one photographer decided to join NAP (Neighborhood Action Project) in their walk around the “noisiest” sections of Burlington. NAP has been routinely patrolling these areas in an effort to confront the noise issues in Burlington. Three unidentified cruisers, manned by Burlington police officers accompanied NAP on their walk. Although the Burlington Police Department has worked closely with NAP since its inception, the use of unmarked police cruisers, a little publicized fact surrounding NAP, highlights the level of cooperation between the two organizations. Among the NAP members on Friday night’s walk were Burlington landlords Colin Maffit and Ian Galvalith. Friday’s walk consisted of a potpourri of Burlington residents, with two UVM employees, and SGA President Joe Thibault in attendance. NAP has been walking the Hills Area of Burlington since its inception last year. The walk took place between midnight and 2 am, and canvassed a large section of the “problem area” in Burlington. NAP effectively identified and reported at least three houses in violation of Burlington City noise ordinances. NAP’s close cooperation with the Burlington Police Department virtually ensures low response time in dealing with houses identified as “noise problems”. This week’s walk saw one NAP member in direct radio communication with the three unmarked Burlington Police cruisers. The unmarked police cruisers serve to alert NAP members of houses/apartments that appear to be violating the noise ordinances already in place. Under current Burlington legislation, police officers are required to report any noise violations, and issue citations, if a Burlington resident calls in a noise complaint and meets the police officer at the scene of the noise complaint. This was the case when NAP encountered three houses they deemed to be too noisy. In all situations noise ordinance violations were issued to the occupants of the houses in question. The walk concluded at approximately 2 am.