New BSAD dean makes bank

The students of the School of Business Administration (BSAD) will soon be in the midst of the second highest-paid administrator at the University of Vermont. Sanjay Sharma was appointed the dean of BSAD and will be earning $320,000 a year, according to the Burlington Free Press. “My compensation is well below the market value for deans at top recognized business schools in Canada and the U.S. and is mid-range for a university administrator in Montreal,” Sharma said. With an annual salary of $320,000, Sharma will be making nearly as much as President Daniel Mark Fogel, who is listed this year at $322,563, the Burlington Free Press reported. His wife, Pramodita Sharma, was also hired as a professor in the school of business and will be earning $180,000, the Burlington Free Press reported. Many members of the university community have said they are not pleased by the couple’s high salary. Even though the University is focusing on where to make budget cuts, the new dean of one of the smallest schools at the University will receive a higher salary than Provost Jane Knodell, professor Stephanie Seguino said. The income from both Sharma and his wife amount to almost three-quarters of a million dollars, Seguino said. President Fogel defended Pramodita Sharma by saying that she is the world’s leading scholar in family business. “She is of great value to the University and the state of Vermont,” President Fogel said. He also said that the salary for Sanjay Sharma is competitive for a business dean in today’s market. “We looked at other people in the ???eld who were business deans at other public universities who had much higher salaries,” he said. Other administrators said they agree that Sharma deserves the salary he is being offered. Sharma comes to UVM from one of the top business schools in the world and is one of the most respected business school leaders in North America, Knodell said to University Communications in a press release. “This hire should be recognized as an ambitious signal on the part of UVM to develop a strategic focus for BSAD,” Sharma said. “The strategic focus would lead to distinctive curriculums and programs that would attract the best students nationally and internationally.”