New scholarship available this fall

This fall, a new scholarship will be offered in honor of Richard W. Hube Jr., a former Vermont legislator and a member of the Board of Trustees who passed away on Dec. 21.The merit-based scholarship will only be available to students from Vermont, and those from the five towns that Hube served in as a legislator will receive first preference.”Richard was cherished as a human being,” University President Daniel Mark Fogel said. “He was unusually committed, engaged and an overall humane and passionate person. There was a lot of affection for him.”Although Hube was not an alumnus of the University, his work with the Board of Trustees was highly respected, Fogel said.He resided in southern Vermont for the majority of his life and served as a legislator for five towns in southern Vermont: Stratton, Jamaica, Londonderry, Weston and Winhal, Anne Forcier, liaison to the president from Development and Alumni relations, said. “The scholarship is supported by a total of 13 honorary members,” she said. “It is led by two head co-chairs, Judy Livingston and Tom Little.”Senior Kate Rooney supports the Hube scholarship — as well as all scholarships — because she feels they motivate students to excel in school.”Scholarships are important because they recognize a student’s hard work and even may motivate them to succeed further in academics because they don’t just act as financial aid,” she said. “They’re given to students to advance educational goals.”Forcier said that funding for the scholarship comes from private grants and that the program is trying to raise $100,000 before it can be available to students in the fall.”This is an endowed scholarship, which means that if it gets to $100,000, it will be permanent,” she said.Funding comes from a variety of donors, which is standard for most scholarships, Forcier said. “The program has officially reached $1,500 so far,” she said. Like other supporters of the scholarship, President Fogel said he believes this scholarship is a beneficial addition to our university.”It will make it easier for students to attend the University and minimize the debt, if any, that they have to acquire for attendance,” he said. “It will also help us build the kind of classes that we hope to incur.”Simply having a scholarship in Hube’s, name is important because it highlights how much he was appreciated, Fogel said. “It’s a really nice thing that’s happening,” Forcier said. “He was a really wonderful man, so it’s great to see his name and his legacy being honored in this way.”Contributions to the scholarship may be sent to Development and Alumni Relations, University of Vermont, Grasse Mount Building, 411 Main Street, Burlington, Vt. 05401.