New senate members take their seats

The SGA feels the winds of change as another year comes to a close.April 13 marked the last meeting of this year’s Senate and the first meeting of the 2010-2011 Senate, led by President Kofi Mensah and Vice President David Maciewicz.The Seanate includes nearly 20 new members and a new agenda for next year.”I want people coming out of the senate body hitting the track running, not walking,” Mensah said. “I can’t stress how much this needs to be an effective body next year.”The new speaker and treasurer were also elected at the April 20 SGA meeting.Elizabeth Salsgiver will replace Hannah LeMieux as treasurer, and Claire Chevrier will take the position of SGA speaker.”I think it’s important that the speaker is really accessible, and I think it’s important that you are firm but with a smile,” Chevrier said.The senate agreed with the recommendation of Salsgiver for treasurer as well.Salsgiver, who has had no prior SGA involvement but has worked as treasurer for other clubs on campus, was voted into the treasurer position unanimously.With the new positions filled, Mensah hopes to make the SGA more accessible for students next year.”The senate cannot go in its new direction without the help of the UVM students,” he said. “We need you to be able to let us know exactly what it is that you want. I want it to be a relationship. That’s what SGA should be.”The SGA will continue to have meetings every Tuesday night in the Livak Ballroom, and all students and faculty are welcome to attend.