New Student Section Livens Up Patrick Gym

Wednesday January 22nd’s basketball game between the UVM Catamounts and the University of Maine Black Bears unveiled the new student section at Patrick Gym. Filled with members of both the Student Government Association (SGA) and Cats Pride Club, who all came out to support the Cats. The SGA gave away bright green foam paws to the first 250 students to arrive. Tickets were free to students to help promote the new section, bringing in over 500 students. “It’s a good way to get student support and motivate them to come,” said first-year Maureen Leible. “SGA’s support by encouraging students to attend the game and distributing the cat paws was fantastic and the Athletic Department truly appreciates their support,” said Krista Balogh, Director of Marketing & Promotions. “It’s really great they’re involved,” said senior Alissa Cook. “They contribute so much.” “It’s a good way to get fans together,” said first-year Rebecca Cordeau. “I really enjoy UVM basketball and our support will help them.” SGA members and other helped to get the fans geared up with the paws. “I am really excited about the new student section,” said SGA Vice President Shawna Wells. “I hope more students use it.” The Cat Pride Club, started in November, sold t-shirts and membership cards through the game. The Cat Pride Club, where members also receive discounts to games with their membership card, will be present and selling the cards and t-shirts at all home athletic events. “The idea of the Cat Pride Club is to unite UVM students at athletic events and to show support for UVM,” said junior Bryant Jones. “It is an effort to raise not only Catamount spirit, but also student attendance at games, both of which are crucial in developing a more exciting atmosphere in Patrick Gym and the Gut! “One of the most important things is that it creates unity and school spirit.”