NFL predictions

They suck week in and week out. So I’m submitting my own more for inspiration than anything else.Panthers and the Bucs I’m sure some people care, but all I want to know is where’s Warren Sapp? I love that guy and the Panthers will win because they have a quarterback named Del Homme. Jags v. Texans- Upset special folks. If Houston just pounds Jacksonville like Stephen Jackson did on the ground, Houston could become the hottest team of the games where Jacksonville played Houston. Confused, just getting started.Bengals v. Baltimore – Old school battle of Ohio on the line and Chad Johnson is going to literally walk all over the Ravens D. Atlanta v. Miami- Michael Vick is the best player in the league, so why isn’t he acting like it? Look for him to go the air and win a tight one against the Fish. Detroit v. Minnesota – A battle of perennial division champions, which just shows how pathetic the NFC North is. Culpepper is gone and Brad Johnson must be getting arthritis or something, so Lions will cruise.Chargers v. Jets – I love the Jets, but if they win another game again this year, it’ll be a miracle. Oh and the chargers some guy named Tomlinson who I guess is good. Titans v. Browns – Warren Moon and Bernie Kosar, those were the days people. The Browns are awful, so put the ball in Henry’s hand and put one on the board for Tennesee.Oakland and KC- The classic AFC West battle at Arrowhead. This will live up to the tradition and go down to the wire and Randy Moss will make some sick catch in the corner of the endzone for the Raiders third in a row.Seattle v. Arizona- I’m biased, so I’ll say this. If the Seahawks choke on this one I will not be too surprised. But put your money on the Hawks.Chicago at NO – The Saints have been screwed over by God, the NFL and the referees. I see redemption in the form of taking the overrated bears to the woodshed. Giants at San Francisco- Giants will win by 200 points and Eli Manning will turn water into wineSteelers at Green Bay- I love Bret Favre. But the Steelers with Big Ben are an elite team and the Packers are about as big as the city they play in. Eagles v. Skins- RUN THE BALL!!! D. McNabb needs some help and the Skins D is good despite their run in with the Giants. I’m going to go with the Eagles pulling out of their funk and getting back to their winning ways.The Unofficial Super Bowl if they weren’t in the same conference on Monday NightIndy v. New England- Indy is amazingly consistent and totally well rounded. But this one is on the big stage and in hostile territory. Tom Brady is like Joe Montana and Peyton Manning is like Dan Marino. Until that changes, I’ll take Tom and the champs.