No Happy Birthday for Tommy Jenkins

The birthday party of newly-turned 7-year-old, Tommy Jenkins was brought to an abrupt end this weekend when three police cruisers and a canine unit arrived to shut it down.”We had been getting calls all day reporting sounds of singing, laughter and playing,” reported Officer Reed of Burlington Police Department. “This was all in direct violation of the Burlington City Noise Ordinance. We had no choice but to break it up and issue a noise violation.”One little girl had her ice cream cone confiscated, and was forced to remove her face paint while policed watched to make sure she no longer resembled a cat. Jenkins’ mother was also hauled into custody for “dispensing party favors.”After issuing the ticket, police stood guard outside the Jenkins’ residence, stopping any child who appeared to be between ages of 7 to 9.One of the party goers, Timmy Johnson, while being hauled into the back of a police car, could be heard saying, “I just heard there was going to be free pony rides!”While the police are justifying their actions, those at the party are quite upset over what happened.Little Tommy Jenkins was unable to keep from crying.”They, they, they ruined my p-party!” the heartbroken 7-year-old, said. “Wh-why did they do that?”The police department remains unapologetic. “We want everyone in Burlington to feel that they live in a safe community,” Reed said. “If there is an unsanctioned public event causing a disturbance, we reserve the right to put a stop to it.”Officer Reed was also very frank with little Tommy Jenkins.”You’ve got kids running around your yard with candy and open juice containers,” Reed said. “You’ve got balloons, pi??atas, even ice cream cake. This is more than enough to bring you up on charges in court.”Tommy Jenkins, sad and confused, was only able to respond, “B – but it’s my birthday.”This is not the first time that the Burlington Police have had to shut down an open celebration.Over the summer, they shut down the Gaines family 4th of July barbeque, and successfully dismantled the Annual Seniors Labor Day Picnic by Lake Champlain.”It is our job – to protect this community,” Officer Reed said.He continued, addressing the Police Department policy that if an open celebration can be heard by just one outside Burlington resident,it is in violation of city code and possibly a criminal offense.”Right now, little Tommy Jenkins has a decision to make,” Reed said. “Either he and his family can pay the ticket, or he can attempt to contest it in court.”But given all the cake, balloons and other birthday paraphernalia found on his property, any chances of the charges being dropped seem remote.”