not an article

i realize this isn’t the right forum for this, but your “contact us” link doesn’t do anything… to get to the point, i’ve noticed a severe lack of weekly entertainment to look forward to in the Cynic. i enjoy the articles and all, but i really think that a weekly comic strip or single-frame cartoon would really do the Cynic well!! well, how convenient for you, it just so happens that i am an art major, and have been drawing with pen and ink, specifically illustration-style, comic-esque drawing for about 6 years. what i am getting at here, is i would like to draw a weekly cartoon for the Vermont Cynic, and i really think you should let me.. if the proper person gets this notice, and would like to see samples of my work, simply email me to set up a time or whatever… i am usually not too busy. i hope you are responsive to my idea,