Nothing False About Gimme Fiction

I’ve become quite wary these days of accomplished bands releasing new albums for fear of a change in sound. But my fears were eased with the release of Spoon’s latest album, Gimme Fiction, their first full-length release since Kill the Moonlight in 2002. Gimme Fiction opens up with “Beast and Dragon, Adored,” a song with a simple beat, so as not to take away from singer Britt Daniels’ versatile voice and lyrics rooted in rock and roll. The album continues to get better with “Sister Jack,” almost reminiscent of a ’60s rock song, and “Infinite Pet” with sinister sounding piano that begs for foot-tapping or hand-clapping. The song that has been getting the most recognition (and why should it stop here?) is the swanky, “I Turn My Camera On,” in which one is shown the range of Daniels’ voice as well as the band’s ability to keep a song electrifying yet seemingly effortless. Even while on an independent label (Merge), they stray from the typical “indie” sound by keeping themselves, undiluted and not over-produced. In a time where new music genres surface on a daily basis, Spoon keep their music and soul right where it should be-in rock and roll.