Ooo-Wee, Dewey!

To the Editor: I happened to pick up a Cynic when I was on campus yesterday, and I read theletter titled “Lafayette Lives,” by Michael Mulvey. I agree that Lafayette’s statue on the UVM Green and Lafayette’s importance in UVM’s history could be given more attention, but I notice that the author twice refers to the statue being at the “southern end” of the Green. In fact the statue resides at the northern end of the Green facing John Dewey Hall. And, speaking of John Dewey, I would like to remind everyone of the presence on campus of a monument to one of the world’s great philosophers and educators who graduated from UVM in 1879. Dewey grew up in Burlington and taught for many years at the University of Chicago and Teachers College, Columbia University. During the University of Vermont Homecoming celebration in 1949, Dewey returned triumphantly to Burlington to celebrate his 90th birthday. I hope every student and faculty member will make a special effort to visit the Dewey monument on the north side of Ira Allen Chapel and reflect a few moments on Dewey’s beautiful words carved into the monument.David R. ConradProfessor Emeritus of Education