Operation UVM Freedom is Underway

On Friday March 28, 2003 the College Republicans along with Coalition Forces of campus organization including; United Academics, Hillel, Charlie and Kitty Club, American Society of Civil Engineers, Band, Coalition for Responsible Investment, and the Greek Community at large, put into effect “Operation Free UVM”. In Friday night’s address to the campus community College Republican President Ganjeev Ya-man, gave the UVM’s President Daniel Fogel along with the rest of his dministration an ultimatum to leave campus in 48 hours or face the wrath of the Coalition Forces. Ya-men also condemned the SGA for failing to follow through with Resolution 0001. The College Republicans and Coalitions Forces make this decision without the approval of the SGA Security Council. The College Democrats made it clear that they veto any resolution regarding the use of force. President of the College Democrats, Dam Borlander, said in an address to the campus, “There is no proof in the claims made by the College Republicans, we will not agreed to pass any resolution that will in act the use of force.” Ya-man claims that Borlander is friend of Fogel, and also that the College Democrats receives . Borlander adamantly denied those claims, and said, “Campus security is not the real issue, what the College Republicans are after is the complete control of the universities funds.” Scott Helen of the ISO called Ya-man, “a Nazi…” and that “the only thing worse than democracy is fascism.” Ya-man responded calling Helen an “ignorant commy.” Helen responded, “Nuht-uh!” There has been no further comment from either of the two on this issue. Fogel said, “I’ll die before I leave this office!” On Sunday March 30, 2003 College Republicans along with Coalition Forces raided the Daniel Fogel’s residence, The Englesby House, armed with 50 paintball guns, and 10 smoke bombs. UVM Police countered the raid with tear gas and stun guns. 100 members of the Coalition Forces were arrested and tortured with their paintball guns. And then . . . I found 5 dollars.