Out of Tune

To the Editor: This song is a protest against the decision by ox-brained UVM President Daniel Fogel to destroy 241 trees on UVM’s glorious Green so that, in the words of John Gates, Fogel’s Chief of Staff, media coverage of Commencement exercises would show that UVM has “one of the most magnificent campuses in New England.” UVM’s campus is a glory of the planet but much more magnificent with the trees than with its splendid Green denuded for an annual publicity blitz.O Danny boy, the trees, the trees are dying, UVM’s Green loses beauty, life and shade… You’re too grandiose to live in the home of former UVM Presidents- You’re a curse, the worst mistake UVH has made…So get ye back to the campuses you’ve overbuilt, You fell trees like Paul Bunyan with the brain of Babe the blue ox- UVM needs green leaves and birdsong above its splendid Green… You wield the axes of evil to leave our Oz in shock.