Over the Line

To the Editor: After reading Julian Brizzi’s article, “UVM Ladies Have The Right To Bare Arms,” I found myself questioning the integrity of the Cynic editors and why I continue to read a newspaper that publishes such absolute trash. The only slightly redeeming factor in the article was that there were a few tinges of satire that I somehow picked up. However, even if I am correct here in saying that Julian’s aim of this article was satirical, this hardly reduces how extremely tacky, disgusting and offensive it was. Reading the words “watch a movie on one girl’s courageous struggle with anorexia. Wind up thinking how hot she is,” is the best example of “satire.” I feel I am being exceptionally merciful in referring to this statement (as well as the rest of the article) as a work of satire. Satire is meant to make the general population aware of certain follies and injustices in the world around us through some technique of wit, irony or sarcasm. All this reference to anorexia did was mock, degrade and belittle a disease that many women have because of schmucks like Julian who objectify who looks the hottest in clothes (tank tops)-not to mention various other reasons. This article, wastefully occupying basically a whole page of newspaper, in my opinion, did not only offend women but it is because of garbage such as this that (many) men are found to be unfairly stereotyped as sex-hungry, misogynistic pigs. Although, as Julian here proves for himself…a large majority of the male population does indeed fit the stereotype. I am obviously completely infuriated about the publishing of this article and urge the Cynic to be much more careful in what it chooses to publish in the future.Raquel RiveraClass of 2005