Paging Dr. Green

Standing next to the speakers while Lighting Ridge is playing their opening set, singer-guitarist Derek Sieglar of Dr. Green stretches his fingers out waiting to take over the crowd on Tuesday night. Derek and other members of Dr. Green, drummer Rob Law and bassist Dave Decristo will soon have a live album coming out and are heading into the studio to start recording their first album shortly, but tonight they are finishing their final night of their month-long, weekly residence at Nectar’s. Dr. Green plays blues-based, loud rock. Derek wails away on his guitar and says that he, “tries to do crazy stuff you’ve never seen, like Stevie Ray Vaughn.” These crazy things include him throwing his guitar behind his back and head while ripping through a solo without losing a beat. Derek, a UVM student from Southern Vermont met drummer Rob while in Burlington and they ended up hooking up with Dave through a friend of a friend. Never has a drummer looked like he was having as much fun as when Rob Law pounds away. The band could easily place a tamborine in front of his forehead and he wouldn’t lose a beat while slamming his head with the music. Dave Decristo does what a bassist does, he goes about keeping the pulsating low notes. After the first of their two sets, the riotous crowd took a step outside to grab some fresh air, while I was able to ask Derek a few questions about the band. Derek simply told me that, “It’s about having a good time; saying what you want.” He said it is necessary to be at least conscious of what is going on in the world, in which he not-so-politely states by cursing the government during one of their songs. “But mostly, people just need rock and roll” he tells me summing up the premise of the band. Dr. Green is a good alternative in a town that has a great variety of music every night of the week; they are the loudest band in town. The loudness of their music isn’t just becasue of the volume, but is reminicent of how Led Zeppelin would be able to make a single riff feel like a jet is taking off. Check them out at