Paid positions debated

Club presidents may want to support a new campaign to give them a payday. Junior Mike White, former student action committee chair of the Student Government Association (SGA), proposed the idea of stipends for club presidents. The idea was based off of the little known fact that SGA chairs are paid 75 dollars a week for their positions, while the president receives 200 dollars a week, White said. “The whole idea behind stipend reform or even thinking about the stipends is thinking about what work is worth in the SGA,” he said. The way stipends are currently set up don’t value the hard work that other club presidents put into their clubs, White said. “The whole reason why I brought this up to them is to think of what club leaders do,” he said. “The way we compensate people is inherently that we value SGA chairs more than the [club] presidents.” A situation in which either everyone receives stipends, or no one does would be ideal, White said. White also brought forward the idea of giving club presidents the option of receiving class credit for their work, which is what Julian Golfarini, SGA president is doing. “I’m sure if you went to your advisor they’d be willing to [give you credit] because that’s exactly what I’m doing,” Golfarini said. “However giving stipends to presidents would be too pricey for the University.” The decision on stipend amounts and which club presidents would be receiving stipends is currently undecided.  “That would have to be something that we would cross that bridge when we got there,” Golfarini said. “Mike has a strong idea but I’m not sure the logistics are all worked out.”