PCs no longer required in BSAD

Mac-loving business students don’t need to worry about ditching their computer because PCs are no longer required. In the past, the University recommended that business students purchase their computer through the computer depot, which would automatically join them into the business domain. “[Macs] were problematic because older versions could only run the Mac operating system and our environment here has always been a Microsoft environment,” Technical Support manager John Ritter said. Apple products can download a tool called Bootcamp which allows them to “dual boot,” or run a PC operating system, Ritter said. Students will not be at any disadvantage for using a Mac, he said. “I think most professors are Mac-friendly,” sophomore Alyssa Hoyt said. “I’ve never had a professor that’s catered only to PC users. I’ve never had a problem using my Mac in class.” Senior Sumeera Gupta said that while interning in India she noticed that no one was using Macs and that all business people used PCs. “We still don’t believe Mac is a business tool because they were made more for design, but we support either,” Assistant Dean of the School of Business Administration Nicole Chittenden said.