Peeping Tom spotted off campus

Anna Valettuti was sitting in the bathtub shaving her legs when she looked out the window to see a man’s face staring back at her in the darkness. Burlington Police along with a K-9 Unit arrived at the address late on Sept. 16 after Valettuti called complaining about a strange man on the property and invasion of privacy. “I felt a draft coming in from the window,” Valettuti said. “I looked up and saw through the ruffles of the curtain a face and then we locked eyes.” The cops arrived less than 10 minutes after they were called about the peeping tom. The K-9 Unit circled the outside of the house and went around the block but failed to locate an unusual scent, Valettuti said. “Maybe it’s someone who’s here a lot so it seems like a normal scent? That’s the part that creeps me out,” she said. Senior Jess Kenney said she had a peeping tom outside her window last semester, and like Valettuti, she still doesn’t know who it was. “It freaks me out,” Kenney said. “I’m happy I live on the third floor of an apartment now, not the bottom like last year.” Tenants, no matter what floor they live on, should keep their shades down and drapes over the window when they are disrobing, Burlington Police Lieutenant Jennifer Morrison said. “I can’t keep my curtains open. If someone was looking into the bathroom why wouldn’t they look into the bedroom,” resident Katie O’Bryan said. No other peeping toms have been reported to the Burlington Police in the last three to four months. However, the police do hear anecdotal stories and request citizens to file a police report for unusual activity, Morrison said. One of the best ways to keep yourself safe is to know your neighbors. If you know who should be around, then you’ll know who shouldn’t be around, she said. “Report suspicious behavior immediately, that’s the key,” Morrison said.