Pharmies Not What The Doctor Ordered

To the Editor: No sh*t! UVMers are using drugs? You’re kidding. Just what is this article supposed to provide us with, besides information on where, how and for how much money these drugs are available? This article, along with previous articles on drug abuse, focuses on what students use drugs for, where they get them and why they like them. These are not informative articles; they are advertisements laced with outrageous hyperboles. Articles like this one are not helping anyone. Obviously, the article is biased toward what it considers exciting information. Did any of the interviewed students say they didn’t use pharmaceutical drugs or didn’t know people who used drugs like this? “Pain killers and stimulants are more widespread on UVM’s campus than dreads, say most students.” Who are most students? And we don’t all have dreads. This article aims to mention and contribute to every possible negative stereotype of UVM students, which is exactly what this campus doesn’t need. Seriously, can we please try to get the drug of the month off the front cover? The news that some UVM students are using drugs is not all that exciting or surprising.Rachel BrownClass of 2005