Phi Delta Theta frat president impeached

Editor’s Note: This article was updated 2/4/2021 at 12:53 p.m. to remove the name of an individual from this story. 

The president of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, was impeached on Nov. 2, for conduct referred to as “behavior that is unbecoming of a Brother of Phi Delta Theta” according to a statement released to The Vermont Cynic. Allegations were brought against the president on Nov. 1, at an alternative substance-free dance event sponsored by Phi Delta.”The allegations were of sexual assault, but also violations of our substance free housing policy,” Andrew Kasprisin, warden of Phi Delta, said. “His actions go against the values of our organization, and we are taking this very seriously,” Kasprisin said. Along with his impeachment, the president has been suspended and faces judicial action on Nov. 9 to remove him from the fraternity altogether.” He suspended by our chapter advisor, and the chapter took it upon itself to permanently impeach him right after the suspension,” Ryan Krodel, Phi Delta Theta’s public relations chair, said. “Sunday, we will be going through the process of him presenting his case – and then us presenting ours, from what we have found,” Kasprisin said. “Then the chapter will decide as a whole on his membership.””And that is not to say it will be a final decision. He could possibly be suspended, pending a CSES investigation – or he could be de-brothered immediately. There are a lot of different outcomes that could happen on Sunday.” In response to this incident, the Phi Delta Theta members are taking steps to try and ensure that this type of behavior is not repeated in the fraternity. “We have actually established a Brotherhood Standards Board, and a committee that will assess every member every semester, from now on, to make sure we all are living by the standards of the fraternity,” Krodel said.