Phone Off Fools

The primary reason we students attend this university is to learn. Of course, socializing and having a good time are an important part of the college experience. However, the student body must learn to separate their private lives from the classroom. In every class that I have attended this year at least one cell phone has erupted in vibrations or sounded out some personalized and annoying jingle. This is completely unacceptable and disrespectful to the professor and every other student in the room. Leaving your phone on before class is not a mistake, instead it is a blatant sign that you do not respect anyone in the room or care about anything beyond yourself. If you are one of these people, you should be ashamed. Leaving your phone on displays negligence that can only be explained by selfishness because these students are not dumb, which is the only other possible explanation for consistently forgetting to turn the phone off. There is no way that people could be this stupid in the upper level economics and honors courses that I am currently enrolled. The school should seriously think of making a policy in which students are ejected from class if their cell phone rings in order to send a message to people that this behavior is unacceptable.