Poem for Dean-vients “Howard the Coward”

To the Vermont Cynic,Here’s a poem dedicated to all the Dean-vients “out” there….”Howard the Coward”Howard, Howard, the Draft-Dodging CowardTold his doctor “Oh, my back’s so sore”Got his deferment, then skedaddled,Went skiing out in Colorado,Now that’s one helluva way to get cured!Howard, the Coward, he’s Liberal-bullshit poweredA luxury not often had beforeIn Yale, he had two black roomatesHis dad did not apprieciate,He said “Son, they won’t darken our mansion door!”Howard, the Coward, Bush-hater of the hourYou know he’ll get the Homo’s vote for sureSorry, he won’t be PresidentBy sucking up to DeviantsAnd you can’t “Support the Troops” but not the War!Howard, Howard, the Draft-Dodging CowardDon’t let his Punk-ass win in 2-oh-oh-fourOn Election Night, I’ll hopeHe finds his wife and shoots some dopeThen we won’t have to hear about Howard no more!